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Post | 09th MAY 2022

Manually customize the role concepts

The Authorization Robot optimizes role concepts according to predefined criteria. These criteria must be modeled as calculable characteristics.

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Post | 14th APRIL 2022

SAP compatibility ensured

Previously, all authorization objects were treated equally by the Authorization Robot. However, this approach led to some problems with the practicality of the calculated roles.

Post | 07th FEBRUARY 2022

Selecting the Best Concept

The Authorization Robot generates different solutions. It takes into account the preferences of the user. So before the calculation is started, the user can assign preferences.

Post | 30th JANUARY 2022

How is my role set up?

In the SIVIS Authorization Robot, you can explore the generated authorization concepts in different ways. For example, let's take a single role that we want to examine.

Post | 26th JANUARY 2022


The performance of the algorithm has increased significantly in the last few weeks. At the beginning of October, it was still impossible to compute larger data sets in a period of a few days.

Post | 23th JANUARY 2022

Contract Managemente example

What kind of authorization concepts does the Authorization Robot create?