NXT LVL - SIVIS Authorization Robot
The first virtual role consultant

Automatically create SAP roles and authorizations

IT security and data protection are becoming constant companions in all corporate processes. The maintenance and revision of authorizations are often very time consuming and require extensive expert knowledge. Usually, external consultants are involved at this point for sometimes very lengthy and intensive projects.

The SIVIS Authorization Robot can automate a large part of these projects by taking over the creation and optimization of your SAP role and authorization concepts. This is possible through complex evolutionary algorithms combined with AI-based modules.

SIVIS Authorization Robot

From the vision to the product

Build automated, secure and understandable authorization concepts

What had started as a research project is already a unique product that is about to be launched on the market.

With the goal of creating the first virtual ERP role builder, SIVIS launched the "AutoBer" research project back in 2017 together with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HKA).

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"With the SIVIS Authorization Robot, a 'next-level technology' enters the SAP authorization and role building."

Philipp Latini | CEO SIVIS

The beta phase

Current project status is early beta phase, consisting of several sections. Currently, the Authorization Robot is at the end of the research project period and is already being tested with the first industrial partners. In the future, more data will be required to evaluate valid values and make further optimizations.

Beta testing

Do you want to become a beta tester?

This is a unique opportunity to actively participate as a pioneer in this groundbreaking project.

Limited capacity available

"Project durations are significantly shortened as well as allowing an increased flexibility and influence."

Boris Grothues | CEO SIVIS

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Manually customize the role concepts

The Authorization Robot optimizes role concepts according to predefined criteria.

SAP compatibility ensured

Previously, all authorization objects were treated equally by the Authorization Robot.

Selecting the Best Concept

The Authorization Robot generates different solutions. It takes into account the preferences of the user.

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